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Hummel Football Kits Hummel Football Kits

Hummel football kits are a high quality product produced by Hummel International, one of the market leaders in sportswear. Having been around for nearly 90 years Hummel use their expertise gained over the years to ensure every product is as hard wearing and endurable as the sportsmen and women then wear the clothes. 

A Hummel football kit won’t just last a season, it will last a lifetime with the quality and care you expect being surpassed and shattered by your Hummel football kit as it is a product in a league of its own.

Play your A-Game with Hummel Football Kits!

  Product Price
Bee Authentic SS Jersey 03-909 £15.00
Bee Authentic LS Jersey 04-057 £17.00
Bee Authentic Poly Shorts 10-734 £14.00
Bee Authentic SS Striped Jersey 03-913 £21.00
Bee Authentic LS Striped Jersey 04-059 £23.00
Team Player Poly Jersey 03-552 £20.00
Team Player LS Poly Jersey 04-277 £22.00
Team Player Poly Shorts 10-749 £15.00
Team Player Women's Poly Jersey 03-941 £22.00
Team Player Women's Poly Shorts 10-935 £16.00
Roots SS Poly Jersey 03-956 £10.00
Roots LS Poly Jersey 04-287 £12.00
Roots Poly Shorts 10-969 £8.00
Advanced Football Sock £8.00
Transferred Numbers 9 £2.00
Transferred Numbers 4 £1.00
Transferred Sponsor Details £2.50
Breast Logo Transfer £1.50

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