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Ensure you have all the equipment to excel in your sport, Training equipment allows you to hone your skills using some of the best equipment available.  From the rebounder to hone your goal keeping skills to the Nike Sparkq running trainer, Plastic cones to boundary poles we have lots of equipment to help you practice and train. 

  Product Price
Soccer Coaches Double-Sided Clipboard TR812 13.60
Soccer Coaches Tactic Folder TR811 17.00
Double-Sided Tactic Board TR809 27.00
Single-Sided Tactic Board TR807 72.00
Double-Sided Tactic Board TR808 63.00
Balance Board TR708 10.00
Speed Rope KF704 3.20
Twin Handled Medicine Balls 31.96
Medicine Balls 14.26
Parachute TR574 27.12
Speed Sled TR730 51.00
Evasion Belt TR576 6.30
Leg Toner TR714 9.02
Over Speed Trainer TR731 17.00
Power Speed Resistor TR573 18.10
Senior Head Tennis Net TR950 51.00
Outdoor Passing Arc TR760 5.02
Soccer Skills Net TR131 51.00
Indoor-Outdoor Passing Arcs TR761 51.00
Folding Free Kick Man Kit TR703 45.22
Folding Free Kick Man Kit TR726 76.50
Free Kick Mannequins  TR727 128.36
Non-marking Rubber Reaction Balls TR015 3.32
Non-marking Rubber Reaction Balls TR016 12.42
Non-marking Rubber Reaction Balls TR014 1.78
Replacement Swivel Clips TR790 7.00
Speed Agility Interlocked Hoops TR706 21.30
Reaction Hoop TR579 6.30
Multi-Jump trainer TR578 7.90
Neo Speed Ladder TR658 17.00
Speed Agility Hoops TR403 17.00
Indoor Speed Agility Ladder TR725 22.62
Adjustable Speed Ladder TR594 18.10
Speed Agility Ladder 13.52
Junior Speed Agility Kit TR716 68.00
Ultimate Speed Agility Kit TR717 127.50
Adjustable Hurdles TR564 51.00
Hurdle Carry Bag TR707 8.50
Aluminium Self-Return Hurdles 85.00
Step Training Hurdle TR713 5.96
Step Training Hurdle TR563 6.80
Step Training Hurdle TR562 5.10
Flat Round Markers TR424 14.46
Rectangular Markers TR425 17.00
Multicolour Flat Round Markers TR423 14.46
Space Markers 14.46
Mini Pro Cone Set TR652 11.06
Collapsible Cones 3.40
Multi-Purpose Cone Set TR657 42.50
Sports Markers TR550 27.12
Traffic Cones 3.40
Pro Marker Set TR653 51.50
Sequencing Discs TR404 13.34
Micro Training Cone Kit TR801 22.62
Mixed Colour Superdome Set TR422 34.00
Speed Agility Pole TR583 2.04
Speed Agility Cone Set TR567 17.00
Giant Saucer Cone Set TR715 34.00
Marker Cone Drill Set TR718 27.12
Agility Hurdle Cone Set TR580 42.50
Agility Hurdle Pole TR583 2.04
Boundary Pole Base TR575 5.10
Heavy Duty Pole Base TR586 14.40
Boundary Pole Carry Bag TR581 9.02
Boundary Pole Carry Bag TR588 13.72
Telescopic Boundary Poles TR728 54.24
Flexi Boundary Poles TR582 54.24
Boundary Poles TR570 47.60
Ball Pressure Gauge TR553 7.22
Electric Compressor/Inflator TR556 57.00
Double Action Hand Pump TR555 3.58
6 2.56
Hand Pump TR552 2.80
Stirrup Pump TR551 11.74
Heavy-Duty Stirrup Pump TR556 13.34
Hummel Training Bibs 05-001- 5.00
10 Pack Training Cones 5.99

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